From Montréal.

Part name in english/french:
- rod-end bearing (also seen 'heim joint') / embouts a roulements or  embout a rotule

Finding parts:

- threaded rod: 1/4"x72": 5$, 5/16"x72": 7$
- bolts: 1/4" 9c/each, 5/16" 13c/each


4cm x 4cm alu square tubes are not available in hardware stores like 'Rona' or 'Réno Dépôt'.

Thought of going the n55 way, but finally the tubes available are not even the right size for it :)

Went throught the following providers:
  - Alustock: only sells in bundle
  - Magna stainless: sent there by Alustock, but they only sell bundles
  - in Montréal, need to order a bit before picking up.

Prices at metauxfrofusion are approximately the following without taxes:

  - 5 mètres de tube alu      $96.00 pce
  - 1.5 mètres de Flat alu     $53.00 pce
Prices at metauxfrofusion are approximately the following without taxes:

Other places contacted for a quote:

Other possibilities:

Rod-end bearings

  - GBS:
  - waiting for them to check inventory/quote, but they should have, roughly estimated to 12$/each -> 20$ each, maybe great quality but not my budget
  - pieces d'autos jean talon - Lachine: about 10$/each, they take orders in store.

Bike parts

Bike community/workshops (maybe to find used wheelchairs/bmx/cargo wheels and other things) :

Wood prototype

Keeping track of my newby's failures too :)

Got the wood, easy to make the 15° but could not align top and bottom plate.
Due to trying with L plates, bent back to 15°, could not get them to stay flat :)


Changing way to build

Based on issues to find aluminum beams the right size and other things like that,

I decided to change the build, I went for the N55 spaceframe and kept the tribolts steering.

Had to change the spaceframe a bit to get the 'kind of correct' caster angle.

Next step is to install the bottom bracket and connect the steering.

to fix:
- the L brackets are too soft
- right side can't turn as much as left side (not sure how to fix without changing the whole cross section)

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  1. Hello and congratulations for the build and for sharing....

    What you mean by too soft??
    what metal and meassurements have you used??