A Custom Built No-Weld TriBOLT Recumbent Trike/As Easy As 1... 2... 3...

Here I am, wanting to ride a recumbent trike.  I did my research and found that the trikes I like were the ICE Recumbent Trikes.  However they cost $3,000. - $5,000.  I looked further and found cheaper trikes for around $1,000.   However, with all due respect... These inexpensive trikes didnt reach my expectations of being rugged and especially "sporty".

I continued my search and found a few folks who built their own trikes.  Of all that I found, the TriBOLT (Fomerly known as The Rontor) design fit my needs.  No welding! Rugged! And in my opinion... Looks sporty :-)

I guess I am halfway though my build and will be updating this post regularly with stories :-) and photos...   CHEERS! Josh


  1. loooking sorted, good for ya!!!

    please maintain us informed!!


  2. Nice work Josh, do you have any updated photos?