Friday, January 25, 2013

builders pages

Do you have news or something interesting to tell? Do you want to show us pictures of how your project is progressing? Please edit you personal page.

You can post on the home page as well. No problem.

But your builders page is where we hope to see lots of info of all the Tribolt creations. Especially when you are doing certain features differently from the original design.

Not all blog members have their own page yet. Just a few were created as a start. If you start building or want a page in advance please let us.

At this moment there are 3 blog administrators and the rest are 'authors' so you can post as well.  You can become administrator as well if you want to and know more about social media the we do.

There has to be done lots more work on the articles and manuals. Please be patient and check later if there is something new.

Thanks for joining.

Ron ( Rontor) 

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