Wednesday, January 23, 2013

rear derailleur cable routing

The small persons trike, I think I call it the Baby Tribolt,  is almost done now. Here's the cable routing for the rear derailleur. It can be one piece of cable housing. But I want to be able to partly clean and lube it once in a while.
Little brackets like that can take up a couple of hours depending on how good you want to make them look. It's a piece of the tube I used for the frame 4mm thick.

The Baby trike has 16inch 305 front wheels and a 20inch rear wheel. I must say, the smaller rear wheel feels more sturdy already. Pre 2004 Catrike Speeds used 305 wheels. They're tiny.

As with all trikes this one too sees first daylight in the living room. Very few trikes have been made in the garage only or are unpacked outside. This clearly distinguishes trikes from bikes.


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